Sierra Leonean Krio

Sierra Leone Proverbs in Krio

Today you will practice reading and listening to commonly spoken proverbs. These are good exercises for building vocabulary, comprehension, and fine tuning your ear to Krio pronunciation by native speakers. For the videos, the speakers will say a proverb/parable in Krio first, followed by their explanation of what it means in English. You should listen to the first part in Krio and try to discern the meaning as well as write down words/phrases you’re not familiar with. As you listen to the speakers interpretation of the meaning, compare it with your own understanding and notes.

Proverb # 1

Yu fohdohn foh mi, a fohdohn for yu.

You help me, I’ll help you; to respond in kind.

Proverb # 2


Proverb #3

Mared nah wan de, chohp moni nah ehvri de.

You are married in one day but you will spend money everyday afterward.

*Chohp/chop (mi) moni is a very common expression used in Sierra Leone, as well as by the famous Nigerian artist P Square. For fun, check out my favorite song called, “Chop My Money”:

Proverb #4

Now take this short quiz to assess your engagement in the lesson:



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