Useful Tips for Successful Language Learning

Here are some tips that I find useful for successful language learning during this summer, along with how they apply to my learning goals in my ISP:

  1. Consistent Practice: In my ISP, my first goal is to talk about everyday topics in Yoruba more fluently. To achieve that, regular practice is always crucial. I dedicate a fixed amount of time to studying, practicing, and being exposed to Yoruba every day. Consistency helps reinforce learning and build a strong foundation.
  2. Creating an Immersive Environment: My second goal is to understand Yoruba conversations and speak intelligible Yoruba by becoming more familiar with Yoruba tones and pronunciation. To achieve that, I try to surround myself with the language as much as possible. Watching YouTube channels, listening to audio materials, and engaging with my mentor as much as possible are very helpful.
  3. Active Listening: When I watch videos or listen to audios, I pay close attention to native speakers’ pronunciation, intonation, and speech patterns. I mimic their speech and practice listening comprehension. I also record myself and send the recordings to my mentor for further suggestions.
  4. Vocabulary Building: To achieve my goals 3, 4, and 5, which involve reading and writing more advanced Yoruba, I focus on expanding my vocabulary. I learn new words and phrases daily and use flashcards to create vocabulary lists based on themes or situations. I then review them regularly. Creating gapped text is also a helpful strategy that I like to use.
  5. Grammar Study: Considering my learning style, grammar study is very important to me, as I enjoy analyzing sentence structures. I dedicate time to learning grammar rules by reading various textbooks. Understanding sentence structure, verb conjugations, and essential grammar concepts increase my confidence in creating new sentences in both spoken and written Yoruba.



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