Below are some common words and phrases when asking for directions.

where is ina ne
market kasuwa
where is the market? ina ne kasuwa?
north arewa
south kudu
east gabas
west yamma
left hagu
right dama
it is east of the market yana gabas da kasuwa
far (distance) da nesa
near kusa
from daga
to da
here nan
is it far from here? Da nisa daga nan?
is it near (to) here? Da kusa da nan?
yes eh
no a’a
excuse me gafara dai
I don’t know ban sani ba

Using the above, read the below conversation and answer the questions that follow.

Auta: Sannu gafara dai

Moctar: Sannu kadai

Auta: Ina ne masallaci?

Moctar: Yana kudu da kasuwa

Auta: Da nesa daga nan?

Moctar: A’a. Da kusa ne.

Auta: Na gode.

Moctar: Kada ka damu.


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