A Folktale in Swahili: Mbogo Yenye Akili-The Intelligent Buffalo


Objectives: By the end of the session, you should:

  1. have watched the folktale,
  2. be able to talk about the story in terms of the characters and their attributes and plot.
  3. in a few sentences, express the lessons from the story.
  4. write out the new expressions that stood out to you.

Step 1:

Watch Buffalo yenye akili | The Intelligent Buffalo Story in Swahili | Swahili Fairy Tales – YouTube

Note: You may watch as many times as you like so as to get what the characters are called, how they are described and the specific things they say that stood out to you.

Step 2:

Record yourself recasting the story and the lessons learned and send the file to your mentor.

Step 3:

Get feedback from your mentor and rework. Create contexts to use the new expressions learned.