Lub Sijhawm

Unlike in some other languages, Hmong signifies tense by using trigger words rather than through conjugating verbs. In other words, there are specific words and phrases that can tell you exactly when something happened, is happening, or will happen-in the past, in the future, in the morning, at night, etc.. While we will eventually work towards learning how to conjugate, we have to start by learning a few trigger words. Below, find a two part activity: first, flashcards that will help you learn the terms and act as a word bank for the second activity, a fill-in-the-blank activity designed to allow you to practice what you’ve learned!*






*These activities are designed for English-speakers who are approaching Hmong with little to no familiarity with the language. If you are an advanced or intermediate learner looking for a review of these terms (or a heritage speaker relatively familiar with them already), check out this video for a more in-depth lesson: Hmong Time Words.


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