Farming Practices

Below you will find important vocabulary and a short conversation between two farmers.

Key vocabulary:

gona farm/fields
shuka to plant
taki fertilizer
taki gargajiya traditional (organic) fertilizer
taki zamani modern (synthetic) fertilizer
iri seeds
malamin gona agricultural extension agent/farm expert
ruwa rain
masara corn
dawa millet
kwari pests
zuba to apply



Ibrahim: Sannu Hasan.

Hasan: Sannu Ibrahim. Yaya gida?

Ibrahim: Lafiya lau. Yaya gona?

Hasan: Gona ta tayi kyau.

Ibrahim: Ma’sha Allah. Gona ta ba tayi kyau ba. Me-da-me ka shuka?

Hasan: Na shuka masara, dawa, da tomater

Ibrahim: Na zuba maganin kwari?

Hasan: Eh na zuba maganin kwari.

Ibrahim: Na zuba taki?

Hasan: Eh na zuba taki gargajiya.

Ibrahim: Da kyau. Sai an jima.

Hasan: Sai an jima




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