Farming Practices 2

This will expand on the previous lesson about farming practices. Below find additional important vocabulary and a conversation between two farmers about their harvest and farming practices.

gyada peanut
garmar shanu plow
injin noma farming equipment (engine powered)
siyo to buy
bana this year
bara last year
faru happen
me what
amfani benfit
taimaka help
malamin gona
agricultural extension agent/agriculture expert


Ibrahim: Sannu Hasan.

Hasan: Sannu Ibrahim. Yaya gida da ayyuka?

Ibrahim: Lafiya lau. Yaya gona?

Hasan: Gona ta ba ta kyau ba. Ban san menene ya ki faruwa ba.

Ibrahim: Me-da-me ka shuka?

Hasan: Na shuka gyada.

Ibrahim: Za ka iya samun garmar shanu ko inijin noma?

Hasan: A’a ba zan iya samun garmar shanu ko injin noma ba.

Ibrahim: Ka siyo iri bana?

Hasan: A’a na yi amfani da irin da na shuka bara.

Ibrahim: Ka tun-tubi malamin gona?

Hasan: Ban tun-tubi malamin gona ba.

Ibrahim: Me yasa?

Hasan: Ba sai an yi malamin da gona ba.

Ibrahim: Ka tun-tubi malamin gona. Ya taimake ni.

Hasan: Ma’sha Allah. Na gode.

Ibrahima: Ba komi. Sai an jima.

Hasam: Sai an jima.


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