Scenarios in the Household

Building off of vocabulary from the “household items” vocabulary lesson, here are common requests or actions that occur in the household.


Interactions in the House

English                                Amharic

Where are you?                  Yetnish.

What are you doing?         Mn ihyadarehgish no.

I am sitting.                         Inae tuhkuhmichalo.

I am sitting to chat.           Lawera tuhkuhmichalo.


Related to the Kitchen:

English                                                Amharic

I am in the kitchen.                          Watt bett negn

I am washing the dishes.                 Inae sehan ihyatubkoo no.

We are sitting in the kitchen.         Ihun kitchen tekuhmmtenal.


Related to Eating:

English                                               Amharic

I am in the dining room.                Inae megebate negn

I am in the living room                   Inae salon bate negn

I am sitting to eat.                          Leebelah tuhkuhmichalo.

I want breakfast.                             Inae kures iffelegalo.

I want breakfast for dinner.          Inae kures le erat iffelegalo.

I want a fork.                                   Inae shuka Iffelegalo.

I want the fork.                               Inae shukawin Iffelegalo.


Related to the bedroom:

I am in the bedroom.                   Inae megnta bate negn

I am in my bedroom.                   Inae yennae megnta bate negn

Where is the pillow.                    Tirrasu yet no

The pillow is on the bed.            Tirrasu alga lie no

Where is the bed.                        Alga yet no

The bed is in the bedroom.       Alga megngta bate no.


Related to the Bathroom:

I am in the bathroom.                    Mehtatbiya bate or Shint bate (very informal)

I am washing my hands.              Inae ejen ihyatubkoo no.

I am washing my feet.                  Inae ihgregn ihyatubkoo no.

I am washing my face.                 Inae feeten ihyatubkoo no.









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