Nchi na Utaifa

African 331: First Semester Swahili

Topic: My Nationality

Performance Objectives:

World Map, Continent And Country Labels Digital Art by Globe Turner, Llc

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to state your nationality and where you were born.

ePassport application for Kenyans | by Dhara Shah | Medium


Tanzanian passport - Wikipedia


Passport | document | Britannica

Maneno Muhimu

  • Nchi gani?…
  • Nchi ya…
  • Mzaliwa wa…

Flag of Kenya - Wikipedia

  • Nchi ya Kenya
  • Mimi ni mzaliwa wa Kenya

Flag of Tanzania - Wikipedia

  • Nchi ya Tanzania
  • Mimi ni mzaliwa wa Tanzania

Flag of the United States - Wikipedia

  • Nchi ya Marekani
  • Mimi ni mzaliwa wa nchi ya Marekani

Activity 1

Listen to Amani ni Tamu video and write down any five words you can hear and recognize.

Mazungumzo (Dialogue) 

  • Baraka: Hujambo Amina?
  • Amina: Sijambo!
  • Baraka: Unatoka nchi gani?
  • Amina: Ninatoka nchi ya Marekani.
  • Baraka: Wewe ni mzaliwa wa Marekani?
  • Amina: Ndio, mimi ni mzaliwa wa Marekani. Na wewe?
  • Baraka: Mimi ni mzaliwa wa Tanzania.
  • Amina: Sawa, asante.
  • Baraka: Karibu!

Activity 2: Pair-work

•Role play asking and telling your pair-partner the countries you are from/were born in.
•Jina langu ni Yusufu
•Ninatoka nchi ya Tanzania
•Mimi ni mzaliwa wa Tanzania
•Sasa ninaishi mji wa Beljing nchi ya Uchina.
•Ninasoma katika chuo kikuu cha Beljing
Activity 3: Individual Presentation 
•You are at a conference in a foreign country and participants are introducing themselves. Introduce yourself. Include information about your country of birth, where you currently live and where you study.
Activity 4: Listening
Listen to the following audio and answer the questions which follow.

  1. Jina lake ni nani?
  2. Anatoka nchi gani?
  3. Yeye ni mzaliwa wa wapi?
  4. Sasa anaishi wapi?
  5. Anasoma wapi?

Activity 5: research; write

Do some basic research on the internet about any celebrity or famous person of your choice. Using this google doc, write a brief biography of the person including some information about their countries and nationalities.




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