Malagasy: Price Negotiation – Taxi

Price Negotiation: Taxi

Salama! Afaka ve ianao? Hello! Are you available?
Eny, afaka. Yes, available.
Mila mankany amin’ny Centre-Ville aho. Fantatrao ve io? I need to go to Centreville. Do you know it?
Hitanao ve? Do you see/know that? mitady – to find
Eny, fantatro izany. Yes, I know it.
Hoatrinona mandroso sy miverina? How much for back and forth (aller-retour)?
Dimy alina. Fifty thousand.
Lafo be! Afaka mandeha eny Ivandry aho ary miverina ary amin’ny hotely. Ataovy roa alina ariary. Too expensive! I could go to Ivandry and back and to a restaurant. Make it twenty thousand. ataovy – make it [imperative]
Efatra alina. Forty thousand.
Tsy mety. Ataovy telo alina. That doesn’t work. Make it thirty.
Eny, telo alina. Yes, thirty.


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