Language Activity: Yoruba Pronunciation Workshop

Yoruba Pronunciation Workshop

Objective: The objective of this activity is to provide Yoruba language learners with focused practice and guidance to enhance their pronunciation skills in Yoruba.


1. Introduce the importance of pronunciation in language learning, emphasizing its impact on effective communication and comprehension.

2. Learn Yoruba Alphabet and Yoruba Pronunciation on MyLanguages. (https://mylanguages.org/yoruba_alphabet.php) Also watch a Youtube video clip from (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CXBbe15CJA) Emphasize a list of common Yoruba pronunciation challenges to the learners. This can include difficulties with specific consonants, vowels, tones, or intonation patterns. (gb; p; o, ọ; e, ẹ; etc.) Discuss each challenge briefly, providing examples and explanations for clarity.

3. Play audio recordings or videos of native Yoruba speakers pronouncing words and phrases. Encourage learners to listen carefully and observe the native speakers’ mouth movements.

4. Provide a list of Yoruba words or phrases that exemplify the pronunciation challenges discussed earlier. Have the learners practice pronouncing the words and phrases aloud.

5. Divide learners into pairs. Assign each pair a set of Yoruba words or sentences to practice together. Encourage learners to take turns pronouncing the words or sentences, providing constructive feedback and support to each other.

6. Encourage learners to continue practicing regularly and seeking opportunities to interact with native Yoruba speakers for authentic pronunciation practice.



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