Question Words in Nepali

It is essential to not only recognize question words in Nepali and how to use them, but to understand the variance in which they are used depending on the context. So, this lesson introduces basic question words and will expand later on how to use them in contextual situations. A memory practice exercise at the end of this lesson will help Nepali language learners recognize the different questions words. Stay tuned for a future lesson focused on speaking these question words, which one can use in preparation to use in application while traveling in Nepal.


के – What?

तपाईंको नाम के हो?

What is your name?


किन – Why?

तपाईं किन काठमाडौँमा जानुभयो?

Why did you go to Kathmandu?


कुन – Which?

तपाईं कुन कक्षामा पढ़दैहुनुहुन्छ?

Which class are you studying in?


कहाँ – Where?

तपाईंको घर कहाँ हो?

Where is your home? (identification, not really location)


कहिले – When?

तपाईं कहिले फर्किनुभयो?

When did you return?


को / कसले – Who?

तपाईं आजभोलि को सँग बस्नुहुन्छ?

These days who do you live with?

त्यहाँ कसले राख्यो?

Who put that there? (past tense form)


कसको – Whose?

यो कसको कलम हो?

Whose pen is this?


कसरि, क स्तो / सता – How? (many meanings and forms)**

तपाईं बिद्यालयमा कसरि जानुहुन्छ?

How do you get to school?

तपाईंलाई स्तो हुनुहुन्छ?

How are you?

** There are other forms of using “how,” especially in regards to the weather and feelings. However, for the purposes of this lesson, this is a basic explanation of how “how” is used in basic greetings and conversation.


कति (वटा, जना) – How many? (also used for time)

तपाईंको उमेर कति वर्ष भयो?

How old are you?

तपाईंसँग कति वटा बाख्रा छन्?

How many goats do you have?

अहिले कति बज्यो?

What time is it now?


First, we will try and exercise in matching the question words with their English equivalent translation. Then, we will work up to using them in practice.





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