Novel Reading Excercise–Tilka al-Ra’iha

Arabic Online

Al-Jazeera’s language interface: This website provides stories, activities, audio, and media coverage in Arabic. It also allows users to select from multiple levels of learning, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I really love using the language in media tab since it allows me to enhance my reading, listening, and pronunciation skills all at the same time and using the same activity. It even provides activities to assess learning.

Source: This is a site that leads you to a mobile application. This site is based around tips and tricks from Gabriel Wyner’s book, Fluent Forever. While the application is not free, it utilizes the same techniques that are discussed in Wyner’s book.

Source: This website is designed to help with pronunciation. The site provides over 100,000 pronunciations for Arabic and many other languages. The website allows users to search and learn to pronounce words and phrases in Arabic.


Hello-World: This website offers over 600 videos and games for those interested in learning Arabic. The site provides games in different content areas but may be best suited for those at the beginning stages of language learning.


Playaling: This site offers engaging video content for Arabic learners. The site provides a drop-down menu where users may select a dialect, content, and difficulty level.



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