Malagasy: Medical 3 – Instructions

mandry / matory to lie down to sleep
matoritory to lie down but not sleep.
mitsilailay to lie around
mihohoka to like face down
mitsilany to lay back / to lie on one’s back
mivalampatra /
to put your feet up
mihorirana to lie on one’s side
mihohoka to lie on one’s stomach
manatsotra to lie or lay out flat (transitive) matsotra –
mitsotra to lie stretched out Mitsotra ny tongotra – to stretch out / take up space

mikombona ny tongotra – to fold up / take up less space (e.g., on taxi be)

mampandry to make lie down
miezana to stretch Tiako miezana. I like to stretch.



mipetraka sit
mipetrapetraka sit and do nothing
mitsingitsingy stand on one’s tiptoes
miarina to change position (e.g., to sit or stand up straight / stand upright, to roll over in bed)
manindrona inject (transitive)
inject (passive) / injected
mitellina swallow
atelina swallow (passive) / swallowed
mandoa to throw up / vomit (verb) also means “to pay”
loa vomit (noun)
aloa to throw up (passive)
maneno make noise (pleasant)
mitabataba make noise (unpleasant)
manao fotoana make an appointment


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