Rukiga Transitional Words

This page provides key transitional/sentence connecting words in Rukiga relevant for a beginner language learner. These words are used throughout Rukiga speech. Most of them are not influenced directly by noun class, however, those that are have been noted below.

Learners should memorize these words to help them improve their speech in general and move towards more sophisticated sentences and speech patterns. Additionally, these words will help learners understand spoken and written Rukiga to a greater degree. Without further ado, the following are key transitional/sentence connecting words in Rukiga to know:

  1. obu, ku: when, (obu) now that….
  2. N’obu: although; Even if w(hen used with conditional forms)
  3. Ahakuba, ahabw’okuba: because
  4. Oku: how
  5. Oku nikwe: this is how
  6. Nikyo kimwe, ni(kya) kimwe: All the same
  7. -taka: before, not yet [Note: commonly used with a modified verb stem verb form]
  8. (N)ahabwekyo, nikwo: consequently
  9. Nikyo+ (prep verb): therefore/it’s the reason
  10. O(u), aba (u): who [Note: remember subject & object relative pronouns when using this transitional word]
  11. Eki: which [Note this changes according to noun class]
  12. Hati mbwenu obu: Now that [+immediate past tense]
  13. Ahu, ahi: where
  14. Kureka: unless
  15. Ahabwa: Because of
  16. Nikwe kugira: That is to say
  17. Nikwe kugira ngu: That is to say that…
  18. Nikwe kugira ati: That is when he/she said that [followed by the quote of the said words]
  19. Haza: then
  20. Obwe: While
  21. Omu mwanya: Instead
  22. Bwanyima: After
  23. Nka: As
  24. Aha Okubanza: At first
  25. Kuhitsya: Until
  26. Baitu shi: By the way
  27. Kwiha: From the time
  28. Obundi: Perhaps


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