Learning Objectives

 By the end of the lesson, you should be able to

  • talk about transportation and ways of getting from point A to point B
  • talk about the means of transportation in your city
  • answer the questions that follow the passage read.

Step 1:

Through the aid of flashcards or picture diagrams, memorize the means of transportation (miguu, motokaa, basi, baisikeli, pikipiki, ndege, na eropleni.) and usual destinations (shule, mji, nta, kazi, shamba, hapa, etc)

Step 2:

1 Motokaa Shule
2 Baisikeli Mji
3 Miguu kazi
4 Pikipiki Nyumba
5 Ndege Shamba
6 Basi hapa
7 Eropleni Nigeria


Match A to B and create simple sentences using  kwa. For example:

1. Ninakuja shuleni kwa motokaa

2. Unaenda nyumabani kwa miguu

3.  Mnakuja hapa kwa basi

Step 3: Step 3: Talk about the usual means of transportation in your city and the ones you particularly use.

Step 4: Read ‘Kusafiri’ from Kiswahili Msingi wa Kusema Kusoma na Kuandika, and answer the questions that follow.