Integration of Mentors’ Feedback into Language Learning


Here are some of the instances my mentor provided feedback and ways of integrating those comments into my language learning:


During this session, I learned the typical greetings and responses: Habari- Mzuri, Mambo- Poa, Hamjambo – Nzuri, Shikamoo- Marahaba, Kwaheri. My mentor made me realize that there are more greetings and that greetings can be extensive and done in a certain order. From this feedback, I could create many scenarios by drawing on my experience with Yoruba that has elaborate greetings. Examples are greeting older people, friends, acquaintances and strangers in different contexts of meeting on the street or paying a visit. Doing this can also help understand the structure of the language. For example, knowing the difference between Unaendeleaje? How is it going and Umeshindaje? How was your day?


I read ‘Lugha za Afrika ya Mashariki’ from Kiswahili Msingi wa Kusema, Kusoma na Kuandika aloud to practice pronunciation with my mentor. Some of the comments were that I read Swahili with intonation. I noted that reading aloud texts that I am not familiar hinders comprehension because I had to think of my pronunciation and the appropriate places to break the sentences. What we did was to have her read while I repeat after her and for her to send recorded her recorded readings. To deal with reading smoothly with appropriate punctuations even when they are not present, I could listen to more texts that have transcripts and practice more read aloud.  Doing this could also help with my pronunciation.