Gambian Wolof (EC)

At The Market: A Conversational Script

This lesson will be about shopping at a market, imagine a vendor on the main streets of Banjul. The goal is to learn new words about fruits, vegetables, and how to shop, while also bringing in and recognizing other words that have been used in previous lessons. The script at the end will be the full conversation between a seller and the customer.


Words we’ve seen before:

Salam alaikum Peace be onto you (can be used as a general greeting/hello)
Wa alaikum salam And unto you peace (response to the general greeting/hello)
Naka suba si Good morning
juroom ñeta eight
benna one
ñaar two
fukka ten
jerrejef thank you
Beh suba See you tomorrow
Nyu endor jaama Have a nice day
buga want

New food words: 

Fruit fruit
legume vegetables
papkayor papaya
supameh cabbage
kaani pepper

New market phrases: 

Loy jaay? What are you selling?
Nyata la How much for…?
Lee sherut. It’s not expensive.
arwuma dont have
shorkla need
jenda buy
jae sell


Translated Script:

Seller: Hello, Good Morning.

Salam alaikum, Naka suba si


Customer: Hello, Good Morning. What are you selling?

Wa alaikum salam. Naka suba si. Loy jaay?


Seller: I’m selling fruits and vegetables today.

Tei man gi jae fruit ak legume.


Customer: How much for the papaya?

Papakayor bi nyatala?


Seller: One papaya is 8 dalasi.

Benna papakayor juroom ñeta dalasi la.


Customer: Okay, this is not expensive. I will buy 2.

Bahna. Lee sherut. Dena jenda ñaar.


Customer: Can I see the vegetables you have? I need a cabbage.

Mun na gis legume bo am? Supameh la shorkla.


Seller: How about this one?

Bi nak?


Customer: I want this one.

Bi la buga.


Seller: Okay. It is 10 dalasi.

Bahna. Fukka dalasi la.


Customer: The last thing I need is pepper.

Mujail bi, bu ma shorkla moi kaani.


Seller: Sorry, I don’t have pepper today.

Balal ma, tei arwuma kaani


Customer: Okay, thank you.

Bahna, jerrejef.


Seller: Have a nice day.

Nyu endor jaama.


Customer: You too. See you tomorrow.

Yow tamit, Beh suba.


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