Talking about Weather

Ethiopia’s climate and seasons are very different from our weather in the United States. Understanding the weather of the location you’re traveling to is important for reasons like, planning your trip, packing clothes, and . Additionally, conversations about weather are often viewed as basic, time filler interactions, so you may find yourself wanting to have this conversation with someone in Ethiopia!


English                               Amharic              English                                   Amharic

Outside                             Weitchi               Cloud                                      Demena

Hot                                    Yemokal              Cloudy                                  Demenama

Cold                                 Yeberdol                Fog                                        Cheyegag

Sun                                    Tsehay                 Foggy                                 Chyegagama

Sunny                            Tsehayama              Rain                                           Zinab

Wind                                   Nfas                   Raining                                   Zinabama

Windy                             Nfasama                Snowing                                    Yetelal

Snow                                Beredo

Using these words

How is it outside? –> Weitchi endet new?

It is hot. –>Yemokal new.

It is hot outside. –> Weitchi yemokal new.

Is it hot outside? –> Weitchi endet yemokal?

It is foggy –> Chyegagama new.

It is foggy outside. –> Weitchi chyegagama new.

Is it foggy outside? Weitchi endet chyegagama?Talking about

It is a beautiful day. –> Konjo ken new.

It is a nasty day –> Metfo ken new.

Today is cloudy. –> Zare demenama new.

Today is sunny. –> Zare tsehayama new.

Today is cold. –> Zare yeberdol new.



A weather conversation

Indemen neh? How are you today.

Inae Dehnanish. Weitchi endet net? I am fine. How is it outside?

Betam konjo ken new! It is very beautiful today!

Weitchi endet yemokal? Is it hot outside?

Ishi. Inae kanatiera zare arba ifeligalehu. Okay. I would like to wear a t-shirt today.









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