Respecting Elders in Yoruba Culture

Exploring the Importance of Respecting Elders in Yoruba Culture

Objective: This activity aims to introduce participants to the Yoruba culture of respecting elders while using a video of a Yoruba folktale as a medium of exploration.


1. Begin by watching a Yoruba short animation: Ijapa Okanjuwa, Itan Ijapa Tiroko

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CmxGYieWpA&t=308s

2. Active Listening and Reflection: To deepen understanding, the video will be played several times. Participants need to actively listen and write down key points and expressions as many as possible.

3. Sharing and Discussion: Participants share their observations and insights with the mentor. They can begin by summarizing the story and then discuss specific expressions or sentences that left a lasting impression.

4. The mentor provides constructive feedback, addressing any areas of misunderstanding or ambiguity. The mentor can also help complete sentences that the learners might not have fully grasped.

5. Role-playing:  Participants engage in role-playing activities. They can assume the three characters from the folktale and represent the story.


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