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Access Agriculture

This site hosts a slew of how-to videos having to do with agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry.  Videos are available in many languages, including MSA and multiple Arabic dialects.  Because the videos are focused on showing how to do something, language learners have lots of visual clues to help with comprehension.

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Learning Al Jazeera

This site includes a host of language learning videos at different levels.  The link included here leads to the Beginner Level where some of the videos seem as though they are meant for children in their simplicity.  The content is clear, easy to follow, and varied.  There is a clear effort to present information in an immersion-type format.  Even the beginner videos are all in Arabic.

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This website is a conduit to other websites.  Each grammar topic (e.g. negations, ordinal number, etc.) is linked to a specific webpage with information about that topic.  Website itself has useful information beyond just grammar as well.

*There are tons of other useful sites linked through this site!

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Mezzofanti Guild

With all the adds, this site might seem questionable.  But it is actually chuck full of great advice on strategies and approaches to learning Arabic.  It also provides reviews for some of the most (and less) common apps, books and other language learning tools out there.  Some of their recommendations link to sites that aren’t free, but Mezzofanit itself is free and the content is of good quality.

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This website contains mini courses in Arabic, as well as many other languages.  The content is free and often includes ebooks and sometimes audio files.  The courses are structured and the learned only has to follow the path laid by LiveLingua.

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