Flashcards: Gen. Vocabulary, verbs and more

Adriana Velasco

Cultural Knowledge: On Xhosa Kinship

Xhosa people have clan names (isiduko). When Xhosa speakers meet for the first time they usually ask each other where clan name do they belong to by asking:

Ùngumni? (male)  (lit. you are of what kind?)

Ùngumamni? (female)


Khawuzibonge/Khawuzithuthe (please praise yourself)

Member trace their kinship to a common ancestor.

There are several words to say brother, sister, aunt and uncle depending on your relationship with the person. This is why I found useful to create flashcards that hopefully will make the process of learning all these variations easier on the learner! Don’t forget to have fun!

For week 6, I have added new vocabulary and a flashcard with common verbs