Malagasy: Sample Online Resource Use

If you’re wondering where to get started with the various online resources available for self-paced learning in Malagasy, here is one sample agenda for getting started:

  1. Head over to and listen to the first six recordings grouped under Malagasy Phrases. This is mainly to get the sound of the language in your ear, and as a demonstration that many syllables can get passed over or transformed…so pay attention to what your ears are telling you!
  2. Go to the Malagasy from the Beginning section on this page and study the phrases and translations.
  3. Go to 17-minute-languages’ YouTube channel for Malagasy to hear a more Standard Malagasy voice going over some simple phrases with a slightly slower pace, making it easy to repeat the phrases back. Several of these phrases should be familiar from earlier!
    Just keep in mind that the “za” pronoun is mainly used in and around Antananarivo. “Aho” is more universally used for I/me/you as you travel around the island.
  4. Now return to Malagasy from the Beginning to speak the same phrases without listening to them. See how yours compare!


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