Xhosa: Food and Drinks

Food and drinks

Xhosa Culture

Traditional Drinks

 Utywala is a beer made according to Xhosa custom. Today, this word is used to refer to beer or any type of liquor. Traditionally, brewing beer was a task performed exclusively by women.

There are many different types of traditional brews and they are important part of every social event and important occasion. Utywalais served with umqombothi.

Umqombothiis made from mealie (maize meal), sprouts, crushed mealie (maize) malt, crushed sorghum malt and water and involves an intricate brewing process. It is the custom to cook the initial porridge (isidudu) outside in a pot and cool it outside before fermentation. It is said to be good for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Amarhewuis non-alcoholic maize meal liquid. A small amount is mixed with flour and sugar (optional). It is then put into the main porridge container until ready.

Ublayi is a maize porridge made in three-legged pot and cooked until the bottom of the pot is scalded. This scalded part is then scraped off, mixed with the porridge and allowed to ferment.



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