Arabic – Egyptian Dialect

Cultural Resources


Egypt Traditions – I wanted to find an authentically Egyptian website for cultural content so this is an Egyptian tour company that published cultural content about food, traditions, people groups, and crafts.

Trips in Egypt – another website from a travel agency in Egypt that provides simple and clear cultural facts (language, religion, art, etc.) to prepare for a trip to Egypt or for living in Egypt for an extended period of time.

Proverbs – this page includes 5 simple Egyptian Arabic proverbs.


“Palace Walk” by Naguib Mahfouz – a trilogy on the life of a patriarchal Muslim family in Cairo during the British occupation.

“No One Sleeps in Alexandria” by Ibrahim Abdel Meguid – a novel about the diverse lives of people living in Alexandria, a place often romanticized by the West, as seen from the perspective of an Egyptian.


Kareem Elsayed’s youtube channel – Kareem has a wealth of cultural content in his videos posted on his channel, all of which are mostly in Egyptian Arabic but with English subtitles.

The History of Egypt by Dominic Perry – a podcast channel that has 30-60 min episodes covering various aspects of Egyptian history, there are also mini-episodes that are about 5 minutes long.



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