Arabic – Egyptian Dialect

Lesson on Locating & Pronouncing Words and Determining Articles

Locating and Pronouncing Words

Using the Egyptian Arabic Dictionary find the EA word for each of the following objects (only search for the provided term, not the details in (). Be sure to hit the green play button next to the word to hear a native speaker pronounce the word. Make note of the franco, EA spelling, and gender in the table below.

English Franco Egyptian Arabic Gender
glass (for dink) kubbaeya كـُبّا َيـَة f
spoon (EG) maAla’a مـَعلـَقـَة f
bowl (serving) sultaniyya سـُلطـَنـِييـَة f
straw (drinking) shaleemooh شـَليموه m

Determining Articles

Then, based on the Arabic Desert Sky lesson on articles determine the definite article for each object.

English Franco Egyptian Arabic
the glass ik-kubbaeya OR il-kubbaeya الكـُبّا َيـَة
the spoon il-maAla’a المـَعلـَقـَة
the bowl is-sultaniyya السـُلطـَنـِييـَة
the straw ish-shaleemooh الشـَليموه

**check your answers by highlighting the blank boxes to reveal correct responses


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