Novel Reading Excercise–Tilka al-Ra’iha

Online and Library Resources

There are a number of resources for learning Arabic available through the UW Madison library and online.

Library & Online Resources

  • “Iraqi Dialect Orientation Course” by Joe Kallu, Abdullatif El-Nekishbendy, and Siham Munir. Sound recordings available through the library (4 audio discs) .
  • In the Middle East Collection, you can access the eBook Arabic Collection: Al-Kotob.
  • The library also provides access to a number of dictionaries, including: The Oxford Arabic Dictionary (2014), Collins Pocket Arabic Dictionary (2012), Oxford Essentials Arabic Dictionary (201), and many others.
  • The library also provides online access, here, to early Arabic printed books from the British Library.
  • A number of texts are also available through the Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance Collection listed online through the Middle East Collection.
  • Arabic Collections Online provides digital access to a large collection of Arabic texts and literature.
  • Free apps: Quizlet (lets you create and use pre-made vocabulary sets), Araby, ArabicGrammar (has a lot of useful grammar charts), DuoLingo, and Almaany (Dictionary).


Online News Sources

  • Jadaliyya– Online magazine published in several languages, including Arabic, that covers a variety of topics including art, news, and culture.
  • Al Jazeera– This website also provides an Arabic Language Interface that has resources for Arabic learners at all levels. The site has audio, video, and written texts categorized by level. Learners can also “ask the teacher” if questions arise about the materials or resources.
  • BBC Arabic, France24, and CNN Arabic


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