Useful Online Resources

Helpful websites for practicing basic Luganda skills:

This site offers some background of the language and also provides basic grammar information and a Luganda phrase book. If you are interested in further reading about the Luganda language and the history of the politics of the language this site includes a helpful bibliography of some of the important texts.

Learn Luganda has several downloadable resources, including a thorough grammar guide. They also have a new blog that includes proverbs, and several YouTube videos.’s%20Manual.pdf

If you want to review or refresh your elementary Luganda knowledge and learn best with a textbook, this Peace Corps Learners’ Manual is a fantastic recourse. The full text of the manual is available and free online.

One of the biggest challenges of independent language study is improving conversational skills and listening comprehension. Utilizing free Luganda audio courses like this one is one way to practice your listening and speaking skills when you do not have classmates or language partners.

Part 1 of 10 Basic Luganda e-series on YouTube:

This free e-series on YouTube is a great resource for visual learners. Each lesson uses visual and audio teaching strategies. The instructor speaks slowly and repeats himself several times.

Alternative Immersion:

In addition to learning resources, many Luganda language TV and radio programs are available online for free, and often stream live. Listening to these various programs will allow you to improve your language skills while learning more about Baganda culture and current events.

Online radio station with news and music in Luganda:

Subscribe to the Bukedde TV YouTube channel for Ugandan news in Luganda: and NTV Uganda:


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