Kpelle-Vocabulary and Schools/Schooling

So this is just a short lesson on vocabulary and questions regarding schools and education in Liberia.


  • KOlO-pErE: school
  • misiN kOlO-pErE: mission school
  • govemEi kOlO-pErE: government/public school
  • kOlO-PErE lElEE: good school
  • kOlO-pEra fella fei: school fees
  • siyee: clothes (uniform)
  • mEi-nuu: “top person” or principal
  • bOi: student
  • sen-lE-nuu: teacher
  • kaamoo: teacher (higher up)
  • konpetEi: computer
  • su-KOON: exam
  • PoYE: writing
  • I KOlON: do you know?
  • FE kOlON: I dont know
  • pa: to go/come
  • maa-kOrii: to learn
  • mo: say it! (repeat)
  • long: talk
  • su kula: explain
  • mEni-pOlO-na: the thing that is old (history)
  • ngaa: I am
  • nwelii: I want to…

Now try putting some sentences together



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