Using Past Tense with Holiday Vocabulary

Let’s start with some cultural context

  • Many Swahili speaking people are Muslim so a lot of the religious holidays they celebrate are Muslim holidays
  • They celebrate many secular holidays (non-religious)

Secular Holidays

•Siku ya Jamhuri – Kenyan Independence Day
•Siku ya Madaraka – the day Kenya attained self-rule
•Siku ya Wafanyi Kazi-Labor Day
•Nane Nane – Farmers Day (Tanzanian)
•Siku ya Uhuru- Independence Day
•Siku ya Muungano-Union Day
•Mwaka Mpya – New Year’s
Religious Holidays
•Krismasi – Christmas
•Krismasi mkesha – Christmas Eve
•Pasaka – Easter
•Ijuuma Kuu – Good Friday
•Maulidi – Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
•Ramadani – Ramadan
General Vocabulary
•Harusi – wedding
•Mahafali – graduation
•Siku ya kuzaliwa – Birthday
•-Sherehekea- to celebrate
•-Tembelea- to visit

Using Past Tense

  • Li indicates past tense. In the STOVE model, ’li’ goes in the Tense section.
    • Subject
    •  Tense- li
    • Object
    • Verb
    • Extension
  • Example: You liked the celebration=Ulipenda serehe.

Let’s Practice!



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