Greetings in Javanese

Javanese, like Indonesian, has four different greetings for different times of the day. The times mentioned in the below graphic apply to the Javanese equivalents as well.

Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia on Twitter: "Bagaimana penggunaan kata "pagi", " siang", "sore", "petang", dan "malam" dalam sapaan? 🤔… "

Javanese* Indonesian Time of Day English
Sugeng enjang/enjing (esuk) Selamat pagi 4am to 10am good morning
Sugeng siyang (awan) Selamat siang 10am to 2pm good day
Sugeng sonten (sore) Selamat sore 2pm to 6:30pm good afternoon
Sugeng dalu (bengi) Selamat malam 6:30pm to 4am good evening / goodnight

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*Javanese always uses the Krama form for these greetings. The ngoko forms are noted in parentheses.

**These greetings may be used as either a greeting or farewell.


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