Novel Reading Excercise–Tilka al-Ra’iha

Going to the Doctor Lesson

Going to the Doctor Lesson

By: Olivia Mulford

Go through the new vocabulary and pronunciations for “going to the doctor.” If it is useful, make a quizlet or flashcards to test your knowledge of the new words. Additionally, if it is useful, write out the words, individually (to work on letters and connecting letters) or in sentences. Finally, do the conversation activity listed at the bottom of the lesson.


I feel-شعر   (shaar)

أشعر (I, ashaar)

تشعر (You M, tashaar)

تشعرين (You F, tshaariin)

يشعر (He, yashaar)

تشعر (She, tashaar)

نشعر (We, nashaar)

تشعرون (You pl., tashaaroon)

يشعرون  (They, yashaaroon)


Vocab Words

طبيب- doctor (tabiib)

مريض- patient (mariiD)

مستشفى- hospital (mustashfa)

حساسية من- allergic to (hassassiya)

صداع- headache (sudaa)

إسهال- diarrhea (ishaal)

حمى- fever (humma)

درجة الحرارة- temperature (darija al-haraara)

دواء- medicine (dawaa)

مريض- sick (mariid)

الم، يألم- to hurt (be in pain) (alima)

الم- pain (alima)

أنف مزكم- stuffy nose (taqayyaa)

يصف- to prescribe, he form (yaSaf)

بطن – belly (buTn)

ركبة- knee (rakiba)

ظهر- back (Thahur)

جسم- body (jissm)


Sample Sentences

عندي اسهال!I have diarrhea (eindee)

أشعر الم في بطني – I feel pain in my stomach (ashaar alim fee buTnee)

أصف دواء منك- I will prescribe medicine for you (aSaf dawaa minkey)



Write out a conversation between a sick patient at the hospital and a doctor. Use at least 10 new vocab words. Don’t forget to include patient’s symptoms and doctor’s instructions, as well greetings for both characters.


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