Novel Reading Excercise–Tilka al-Ra’iha

Basic Travel Phrases

Traveling to a foreign country can be a daunting task, especially if you cannot speak the language. Here are some basic travel phrases that should help you out if you are traveling in an Arabic speaking country. Keep in mind that many of these countries speak in dialects that can vary greatly, however this guide is given in fus-ha (modern standard Arabic).

Introducing Yourself/Saying Goodbye

Hello اهلا وسهلا aH-lan wa saH-lan
How are you? كيف الحال؟ Kaifa al-hal?
I’m fine أنا بخير Ana bikh-haer
Thank you شكرا Shou-kran
Goodbye مع السلامة Ma salama


Basic Travel Questions/Phrases

Where is…? اين…؟ Ayna…?
How much is…? كم…؟ Kem…?
I want to go to… اريد ان اذهب الى… Oo-reed an ath-heb eela…
Are there any ____ nearby? هل هناك ____ قريب من هنا؟ Hal hoo-nak ____ qa-reeb min hoona?
How do you say…? كيف تقول____؟ Kaifa ta-kool____?
Do you speak English? هل تتحدث الإنجليزية؟ Hal ta-tahadith al-inj-leezia?


Basic Travel Vocabulary

Airport مطار ma-Taar
Plane طائرة Taa-i’-ra
Bus حافلة haa-fila
Train قطار qa-Taar
Taxi طقسي tak-see
Car سيارة see-yara
Tickets تذاكر ta-thaa-kir
Station محطة mu-hiTa
Bathroom حمام ha-maam
Restaurant مطعم maT-aam
Hotel فندق foon-dook
Money فلوس fu-loos
Water ماء ma’
Coffee قهوة kaH-hua

This video below provides a guide on how to pronounce these travel words. It does cover some vocabulary that I did not mention above, however for the sake of improving pronunciation, it is important to listen to how native speakers say these words! Enjoy!



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