Common Arabic Words for Beginners

Arabic is currently spoken as official language in about 28 countries of the middle east, north Africa and Arabian Peninsula, and a language of trade and commerce in these countries. Interestingly too, Arabic language is used by most Islamic countries because it has the Islamic religious connection. For religious interactions, the Modern Standard Arabic(MSA) dialect is used.

As a beginner language learner, it is important to get familiar with the most common Arabic vocabularies. Let’s try them out:

  1. As-salaam ‘alaikum- Peace be unto you
  2. Wa- ‘alaykumus-salam- And peace be unto you too
  3. Marhaban bika- Hello (male)
  4. Marhaban biki- Hello (female)
  5. Ana- I am
  6. Ismi- my name
  7. Surirtu biliqa’ika- Nice to meet you (male)
  8. Surirtu biliqa’iki- Nice to meet you (female)
  9. Shukran- Thank you
  10. Min FaDlik- Please
  11. Insha Allah- God willing
  12. Na’am- Yes
  13. Laa- No
  14. Al- The
  15. Anta/Anti- You (f/m)
  16. Ma- With
  17. Mataa- When
  18. Man- Who
  19. Atakallam- I speak
  20. Yumkin- It is possible
  21. Ureedu- I want



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