Household Items

Since so many of us are quarantined in our homes during this COVID-19 season, it seemed appropriate to make a vocabulary list of the everyday items that we use in our households.

I’m in the kitchen: Watt bett negn

 English                             Amharic

glass                                burchako

cup                                       sinnee

dishes                                   suhan

fork                                        shuka

spoon                                 mahnkia

knife                                        beela

pot                                            disit

fridge                                      fridge

stove                                       midija

coffee/tea brewer                jebena


I’m in the dining room: Megegbate negn

table                              tehrehbayza

chair                                     wuhnbir

table cloth             tehrehbayza libs


I’m in the living room: Ingedabate negn

sofa                                              sofa

television                            television

coffee table        yeh ingedehbate tehrehbayza

table lamp                    yeh tehrehbayza mebrat

picture frame                 yeh foto frame

rug/carpet                             mintahf

small rug                         tinnish mintahf

large rug                              tillik mintahf


I’m in the bedroom: Mengta bate

bed                                            allga

sheets                                     ansola

closet                                   komaysahtin (translates to standing box)

dresser                                  comodino


I’m in the bathroom: Mehtatbiya bate or Shint bate (very informal)

sink                                      yehfeet mehtatbiya

toilet                             yeshintibate mehkehmecha (urine seat, almost too informal)

toothbrush                                tursbroosh

shower                                          shower



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