Online Language Resources

Vocabulary and Grammar resources:

Chichewa Dictionary – Nouns and Verbs – Provides printable guides to noun agreements and verb conjugations

Peace Corps: An Introduction to the Chichewa Language – A 20-page guide to basic vocabulary and phrases, with brief explanations of grammar and sentence construction

Auditory Learning resources:

Music from Malawi – Listen to popular Malawian music here.

Learn Chichewa Youtube Tutorial – Series of videos that provides pronunciation (with little text) of key phrases in Chichewa

Reading comprehension resources

The Nation – Malawi online news source with written text in Chichewa

Malawian Proverbs – A brief list of Malawian proverbs written in Chichewa (without translation)

Dictionary resources:

Basic Chichewa-English dictionary – Extended dictionary list in printable pdf format

Online English-Chichewa dictionary – searchable format for word translations of English to Chichewa or Chichewa to English




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