Novel Reading Excercise–Tilka al-Ra’iha

Emotions Part 1 | Positive Emotions

This lesson provides vocab flashcards to help you learn a diverse emotion vocabulary set. These emotion words are part 2 of set – the other half is negative emotions. These lists includes verbs, adjectives, and nouns. The cards are organized around peace-related vocabulary in one set, another is empowerment-related, and the third relates to happiness. You will note that some words are more neutral than negative.

Peace-Related Words

SALAMA (peaceful)

KURIDHIKA (to be content)


NIMEPOTEZA TAMAA (I’ve lost my desire; depressed)


KUJISIKIA UPENDO (to feel love // Napendwa (to be loved)


KUAMINI (to trust)

Kushukuru (to be grateful)


Kutulia (to calm/settle down)


Salama (secure, safe, in good health)


Mimi ni shwari (I am calm/ tranquil/ quiet)

Empowerment-Related Words

KUWEZESHWA (to be empowered)

KUWA NA IMANI (to have faith


KUJISIKIA MUHIMU (to feel important)


KUTHAMINI (to value, respect)


KUTHAMINIWA (to be respected)


KUPANDISIKA (to be impressed)

Kushangaa (to be amazed, astonished,  surprised, perplexed,

Shocked, dumbfounded)


Kuwa na bahati (to have luck, success, fortune, chance)


Kuwa fani (to be successful, valuable, worthy)


Tumaini (hope, confidence)


Kutumaini (to hope)


Kutarajia (to expect something)


Kuamini (I believe – in something)


Kutambua (to discern)


kujizamia ( to be self-absorbed)

Happiness-Related Words

KUFURAHI (to be happy)



-ENYE NGUVU, BIDII (effort, hardwork), JUHUDI (energetic)


KUCHANGAMKA (to be cheerful/energetic)


KUHAMASISHWA (to be inspired)


KUTUMAINI (to be hopeful)

Kutaka kucheza (to want to play/be playful)


Kujasiri (to be daring)


Inanivutia (it interests me)


Kuvutiwa na

(to be interested)


Kusisimuliwa (to be excited, impassioned, stimulated, thrilled)


Matumaini (hopes)



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