Swahili Cultural Resources Continued



  • Baraza la Kiswahili la Taifa (Tanzania). (2014). Furahia Kiswahili: Kiswahili kwa Wageni.
    • This is a comprehensive beginner guide to the Swahili language and culture.  It presents a sequential arrangement of contents, cultural notes, catchy illustrations, keys to all questions and a compiled vocabulary list.
  • Hinnebusch, T. J., & Mirza, S. M. (n.d.). Swahili: A foundation for speaking, reading and writing. Univ. Press of America.
    • This is a great cultural resource that guides the learner through reading, writing, and speaking exercises while examining Swahili grammar, expressions and East Africa’s ways of life.
  • McGrath, D., & Marten, L. (2005). Colloquial Swahili: The Complete Course for Beginners. Routledge: New York
    • Colloquial Swahili is a comprehensive language resource designed to help learners develop conversational skills in Swahili. This book offers a practical approach to learning Swahili in a colloquial context, focusing on everyday conversational situations.
  • Walibora, K. & Mohammed, S. (2015) Homa ya Nyumbani na Hadithi Nyingine Ramco: Kenya
    • Homa ya Nyumbani na Hadithi Nyingine is a collection of short stories that should be an easy read for mid intermediate learners.


Swahili – BBC News Swahili

BBC Swahili covers news from around the world in Swahili. Learners can watch and read sport, entertainment, business, politics reports through their websites or through other social

The Swahili Beat: An Introduction to the History of the East African Coast – Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company (wisc.edu)

Written and produced by Kenny Mann, Swahili beat is a documentary accompanied with music about the history of East Africa coast and the Swahili people.  It traces the contact of the local people with the Arabs, Indians and Portuguese and how these interactions influence the Swahili people and culture. It also presents the major places along the coast, resources and touches on the boom of slave trade and its abolishment.

Swahili Fairy Tales – YouTube

This YouTube channel presents interesting stories that will help increase students’ listening skills

Swahiliwood – YouTube

This is an interesting video channel that presents popular dramas, soap operas, documentaries with varying themes and music videos in Swahili.