Arabic – Egyptian Dialect

Gapped Text Exercise: Song Lyrics

This exercise contains selected song lyrics from Cairokee’s Smile (edhak). The lyric is listed first in franco, then in Arabic script as a way to practice reading the script, then in English to learn the meaning of the gapped word. Highlight over the skipped word noted with > to check for the correct lyric after reading the Arabic script.


ad7ak ka2n > alfar, ma2sum 3shan > de7ktak
اضحك كإن الفرح، مقسوم عشان ضحكتك
Laugh as if you are > happy, divided because of your > laughter


>waz3al ka2n > albokaa, 3omro ma > haymawtek
وازعل كإن البكى، عمره ما هيموتك
And be > sad as if > crying, it will never > kill you


a3sh2 ka2n > alhawaa, tayeb w kolo 2man
اعشق كإن الهوى، طيب وكله أمان
Adore as if it were > passion, good and all safety


fari ka2n allowaa, marifishy yom > sekatik
فارق كإن اللقى، معرفش يوم سكتك
It’s as if he met, I don’t know the day you > fell silent


‘eh mil > hayaa tshtahi, ghayr > redar fanayk
إيه من الحياة تشتهي، غير الرضا في عينيك
What do you > desire in life, other than the > satisfaction in your eyes?


>lamsat ‘edin tashaa2, lamat sohaab hawalayk
لمسة إيدين تعشقك، لمة صحاب حواليك
Aidan’s > touch loves you, the gathering of friends around you


dunya ghariibat ‘nama, fiha > hagat mulhima
دنيا غريبة إنما، فيها حاجات ملهمة
A strange world, but it has > inspiring needs


zaya nagum fi sama, tal3at eshan > tidik
زي النجوم في السما، طالعة عشان تهديك
Like the stars in the sky, they come out to > guide you


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