Ngakarimojong: Talking Politics in Northern Uganda (Karamoja version)

With the 2021 presidential elections fast approaching, politics is more than ever a quintessential topic of conversation in Uganda. Below is a list of important vocabulary to know before getting involved in any political discussions with Ngakarimojong speakers.

Ngakiro a nyakiwua: politics

Akickak: election

Aseun: to choose/to vote

Ekawuan (pl. ngikawuak): candidate

Ekapolon (pl. ngikapolok): politician

Ekarikon (pl. ngikarikok): leader

Nyapukan: government

Nyaryang: army

Ekeait (pl. ngikeain): soldier

Nyepolisit: police officer

Lojokotau: NGO

Akilocokin: to change

Akitojokiar: to improve

Akitodiun angoit: to protest

Akiroc: to arrest

Alacakin: to release

Akimar: to count

Akiteryangakin: to scare/intimidate

Apoloun: development

Areun: to defeat

Aloun: to win

Ebitan (pl. ebitak): greedy

Ngakiro (pl. ngakirosya): issue

Atyonis (pl. ngatukisyo): problem

Akinger: to reject

Aciamun: to accept

Acunakin: to gather

Apogun: to promise


Sample Sentences: 

Elosete ngitunga ngulu alalak lorot akingolokin ekawuan ngolo ebunit Najie akisimukekin ngitunga alore aseun inges ekaru a akickak.

  • A lot of people are going to the road to see the candidate who has come to Najie to encourage the local people to vote for him at election time.

Apogunit ekapolon atoyor apoloun Najie, nait mam nyenupete ngitunga anerai ebitan inges nooi. 

  • The politician has promised to bring development to Najie, but the people don’t believe him because he’s very greedy.

Elosito ngitunga akitodiun angoit anerai mam nyepedorito ngikarikok a nyapukan atubokin ngatukisyo nguna epodokinete ngitunga a Uganda.

  • People are going to protest because the leaders of the government have not been able to resolve the problems that are troubling Ugandans.

Arocit nyaryang ekawuan ngolo aminat nooi, nait tolacakinai inges ekau asyakito ngitunga a Kampala akitodin angoit.

  • The army arrested a very popular candidate, but he was released after people in Kampala started protesting.




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