Useful Swahili Websites


BBC, the world’s largest broadcaster, has an entertaining and robust Swahili service. Best of all, you can learn about East African news while improving your Swahili, improving your regional knowledge as well.


Deutsche Welle is basically Germany’s BBC. This site will have similar content, but from a German perspective claiming to represent values of human rights and the rule of law.


Mwananchi is a regional news service based in Tanzania. While it has similar features to BBC Swahili, it has a local take on issues that can broaden your regional knowledge.


Cram is your basic flashcards app/website in which you can construct your own flashcards and access others’. Its features, including checking your vocabulary with various memorization modes, are solid tools for both cramming for a test and committing words to long-term memory.


Siri ya Mtungi is an excellent drama series centering on everyday life (and secrets) in a small coastal Tanzanian town. While containing English subtitles for less proficient Swahili speakers, it uses common Swahili that you may not find in your class textbook.


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