Colors and Clothing Types

Clothing = Libs

Coat = Kot

Dress = Kemis

Ethiopian Style Dress = Habesha Kemis

Sweater = Shirab

Shirt = Shemiz

T-shirt = Kanatiera

Skirt = Gurd qemis

Socks = Kalsi

Suit = Mulu libs

Pajamas = Pijama

Bath Robe = Yeshawer libs

Colors = Qelemoch

Here is a list of colors in Amharic. These can be used to help describe types of clothing items (provided below) and support conversations about buying clothing.

Brown = Bunama

Beige = Biezy

Black = TyIqIr

Blue = Semayawi

Grey = Girachya

Green = Arenguwadie

Orange = Birchukan

Purple = HamIrawi

Red = Qey

Pink = Rose

White = Nech

Yellow = Bichya

Customer in a clothing store:


Hello: Selam new

I want to see some dresses: Inae ahndan kemisoch myet iffelegalo

My size is small: Yenae quter tInIsh new

A size 4: Yenae quter arat new

Can you show me a different color: Yeteleye qelem litasayegn tIchIlaleh?

Can I see the blue one? Semayawi myet ichilalo?

I like the blue. Semayawi ahun wouldawalo.

How much is it: Sint new?

That’s very expensive: Betam wudinew?

Thank you: Ameseginalew


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